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Simply put, we depend on volunteers as they are the heartbeat of ditto. Volunteers sort, process, test and price donated items. They cashier, stock shelves, hang the clothes, assist customers and keep the store looking clean and tidy.  Their faithful service benefits ditto in so many ways. Since the proceeds of sales go directly to Eastern Christian Schools and other community organizations, without our volunteers, women and men alike, the store would cease to exist.


Teamwork and cooperation among the volunteers is a hallmark of ditto and what makes us so unique.  Our volunteers range in age from retirees to high school students, and they enjoy using their skills and gifts to benefit others while having fun. We would love to have you join our volunteer team. Currently there are 2 to 6 hour shifts available Monday-Saturday. Volunteers who work a minimum of 8 hours a month are eligible for a discount on their store purchase: 10% off furniture, 20% off all other departments.


Ready to volunteer? Either stop by the store or click the link below to fill out a brief form indicating the day(s) and time(s) you would be available to volunteer.  If you cannot stop by or have questions, please call 973-423-4886 or email us volunteer@dittonj.org.


Ditto Upscale Resale Volunteer

Click here for a description of Volunteer opportunities


Click here for a Volunteer application form


Please drop your completed form off at ditto.  Thank you!


Jobs include:

  • greet and assist customers
  • cashier
  • receive and sort donations
  • price items
  • stock shelves
  • display merchandise
  • test donations of electrical items
  • furniture repair

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